Rapid Weight Loss Gastric Band Hypnosis: Self-Hypnosis, Guided Meditations& Affirmations For Extreme Fat Burning, Food Addiction, Healthy Habits,
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Introducing A Natural & Sustainable Way To Lose Weight Without Any Surgery, Expensive Weight Loss Pills, Or Pharmaceutical Drugs!Do you want to lose weight effortlessly for once? Do you want to actually keep the weight you lose off long term? Do you want to make healthy eating & living an effortless part of your lifestyle?If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you're in the right place.Hypnosis is not one of those new fads that helps you lose a few pounds.Instead, it is a proven tool for long term sustainable weight loss, that will allow you to develop healthy eating habits that stick with you for life.This way, you can prevent constant Yo-Yo dieting and actually maintain your weight loss, optimize your health, and achieve the body you've been dreaming about.How is this possible, I can hear you asking.Simply, By reprogramming your brain and overcoming those negative eating habits, weight loss beliefs, and self-sabotaging tactics you have been unconsciously reinforcing for years!It's about time you made losing weight into the Self-Love journey it was always meant to be.Here's a tiny example of what's in this audiobook:· A Simple, Yet Wildly Effective Gastric Band Hypnosis To Supercharge Your Weight Loss Journey· The 60 Minute Hypnosis For Overcoming Food Addiction & Developing Healthy Eating Habits· How To Retrain Your Brain To Fall In Love With Exercise (Starting Today), And Make Exercise A Joyful Experience, Instead Of Something You Dread· Positive Affirmations & Visualization To Reinforce The Hypnosis Message And Train Yourself For Extreme Natural Weight LossAnd So Much More!Also, The 1998 Study by Kirsch showed that using hypnosis + CBT instead of just CBT for weight loss yielded nearly double the amount of weight loss. That is how powerful hypnosis is.So, If You Want Over 5 Hours Worth Of Hypnosis To Finally Retrain Your Mind For Sustainable Weight Loss Then Scroll Up And Click Add To Cart.


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