10 Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep, Anxiety, Overthinking & Self-Love: Positive Affirmations & Mindfulness Scripts For Relaxation, Stress-Relief, He
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Do you often struggle to fall asleep? Currently suffering with insomnia? Want to wake up feeling ready for the day instead of feeling like a zombieYou are far from alone.An estimated 164 million Americans (roughly 68 percent) admit to struggling in some regard with sleep.Our modern world is full of overstimulation and endless amounts of stress, and then many of us don't have a nighttime routine, making switching off & relaxing next to impossible.Many of us now rely on expensive pills or other pharmaceuticals to allow us to get some sleep, but not many, if anyone, want to rely on these long term due to side effects. (This is not including helpful supplements, which we recommend!)That's where 10 Guided Meditations for Deep Sleep, Anxiety, Overthinking & Self-Love:can help!Bedtime stories aren't just for kids. They can help us adults relax our minds, forget about our stresses and worries, and effortlessly drift off into a deep sleep.Add in Guided Meditations which will help you retrain your mind & brain for relaxation and you will be well on your way to getting the sleep your body so badly craves.Here's a tiny example of what's inside....· Over 10 Hours Worth Of Deep Sleep Stories And Guided Meditations To Help You Naturally Fall Asleep Every Single Night· Three Easy To Follow Pre-Sleep Guided Meditations To Help You Overcome That Nighttime Overthinking & Anxiety· Relaxing And Calming Bedtime Stories That Take You On Adventures ALL Over The World!· Guided Meditations To Help You Find Relief From Overthinking, Depression & For Deep Relaxation· The BEST Breathing Techniques That Can Help You Fall Asleep In Minutes....And SO Much More!So If You Want Over 10 Hours Of Bedtime Stories & Guided Meditations To Help You Fall Asleep With Ease Every Single Night Then Scroll Up And Click Add To Cart.


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