Master your Emotions: Stop Overthinking and Break Procrastination Habits by Training Emotional Resilience, Willpower and Positive Mindset. Rewire the
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Do you have problems keeping up with daily activities?Do you find yourself always in a situation in which you are cramming up all your work?You never reach your goals, but you don't know how to reverse this sad trend?If your answer is yes, keep reading!Procrastination is more common than you'd like to believe. Everybody, at one time or another, feels like putting off something that needs to be done. This is the moment when you'd say to yourself, Oh, let it be. Today I'll forget everything and just not get out of the bed or Today, to hell with everything. I'll just stay in and watch the game. In other cases, however, this harmless indulgence develops into a serious source of stress and anxiety.It's like there are two voices in your mind.But are you sure that simple time planning is enough to turn off the avoiding voice in your brain? Have you ever really dwelt on the real causes of this? Simple but unconscious phrases like: Will I be able to complete my work? What will others think of me? If I fail, what will happen? they reveal the emotional framework we face every day.In our book we will discuss some original methods of wiping out the whirlwind of ghosts that crowd the head through sound emotional management.This book, in particular, will cover the following topics:8 emotional steps to dealing with procrastination;30-day motivational training program:Practical tips to increase self-discipline;The secret to an assertive conversation;How empathy can boost your communication...and much more!Do you want to achieve your goals? Then don't prefer the short-term benefits by creating bad habits. Even if the opposite path may seem tortuous to you, remember you will be rewarded for your efforts in the future.So what are you waiting for? Are you ready? Stop overthinking and start learning by testing your emotional resilience...Click the BUY NOW button!


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