The Basic Baking Cookbook: 575 Tasty, Time-Saved and Effortless Recipes with 30- Day Meal Plan for the Beginners to Bake Healthy and Delicious Bread f
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For bread baking, four ingredients are sufficient - flour, water, salt and sourdough. Another important factor should not be forgotten - the time. These ingredients are the foundation of every bread.Time is an important factor. You have to give the dough enough time to go, so you can use less yeast and the more varied the flavour of the finished bread.The water is just as relevant. Without it, the enzymatic processes that allow the yeast to ferment cannot take place. Salt has an important meaning. In wheat dough, for example, it ensures dimensional stability.Organized by level of difficulty to make bread baking less daunting, the book progresses from the simplest recipes for the novice baker to artisan-style loaves, breads that use starters, and more complex project recipes.Only follow the detailed step by step instructions, you can cook delicious breads at home, why not have a try?


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