Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Declutter Your Brain Using CBT, Emotional Intelligence and Self-Discipline Strategies; Learn How to Overcome Fear and An
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If you are often prey to mood swings and a feeling of inadequacy;if your behaviors and emotions are influenced by intrusive thoughts that leave you frustrated;if you feel you are a victim of unhealthy habits and want to try to change them;Then this practical CBT discovery guide can help you acquire a different and better way of living.Let's talk frankly: every day we experience stressful or unwanted situations that make us angry, scared or depressed, but we cannot avoid them ... instead we can change the way we react to them by helping ourselves with the behavior of cognitive therapy. It aims to provide the tools to know how to manage anxiety in a concrete way by changing dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and thoughts. This book collects and exemplifies many of the strategies of CBT therapy to offer a simple but effective basic guide to read and consult.In reality, this therapy method allows you to deal with a series of circumstances that cause anxiety step by step and gradually overcome situations that previously tended to avoid or evoke negative thoughts.It is a therapy indicated in the presence of various psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders (anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, sleep disorders, eating disorders and others) that offers numerous tools to be used to identify distorted patterns of reasoning and interpretation of reality , integrating them with functional and positive thoughts and beliefs; learning to use them will improve your perception of yourself and the quality of your personal relationships.However, the authors' advice is to carefully assess the severity of your problems and be cautious about treating this type of self-help, because if your ailments have serious pathological components and your feelings are too overwhelming, you may need to other types of intervention to be addressed with the advice of a psychotherapist.


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