DAY TRADING: BEGINNER GUIDE + OPTIONS: How To Make Money In 10 Days, Tips And Tricks And Best Strategies To Maximize Profit And Build Passive Income F
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Are you passionate about the world of day trading? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? Do you want to know how to become a successful trader? This book will teach you the right techniques to earn every single day, hour, minute, second, taking advantage of the daily price fluctuations. Don't trust fake gurus and quick guides written by incompetent authors. Liam Jobs has been a professional trader for 20 years, earning an avalanche of money. With his guidance, you will learn how to produce cash flow in 10 days using short-term opportunities. If you have read this far, it means that you are determined and want to achieve financial freedom through Day Trading Options. And it means you've come to the right place.You don't have to be a mathematical genius or one who loves risk to become a successful day trader. Liam Jobs will take you by the hand, and through the strategies and tips and tricks in the chapters, he will lead you to make the right choices, so you can succeed while keeping risk to a minimum. This makes the difference between those who achieve their goals and those who abandon them.As you will have understood, this book is perfect for: · Absolute beginners, who have no idea how to buy a title.· Traders who want to give themselves a second chance after previous failures. · Traders who are already earning but want to refine their strategies.· And above all, it is perfect for anyone who wants financial freedom by investing 3 or 4 hours a day.This book covers the following topics:Factors that Influence Day TradingOpening and Managing Demo AccountAdvantages and Disadvantages of Day Trading Investor Psychology and MindsetMistakes People Make While Trading and How to Avoid ThemDay Trading Strategies the Pros Don't Want You to KnowTrading CryptocurrenciesHow to manage riskHow to find the best options to get startedHow to have the mindset of a successful traderTips and tricks on how to determine the correct entry, profit targets, and stop loss.And so Much More!After finishing Day Trading Beginner + Options, you should be able to start your day trading sessions immediately, diving into new stock market experiences and taking the opportunity that day trading can offer to those who know where to look for a valuable source of profit.Once you have acquired the necessary knowledge, the practice can take its turn, leading you to gain the experience that can, later on, guarantee you an even higher positive return every year - taking only 45 minutes of your time in a day.


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