Scrum: The Ultimate Guide to Apply Scrum Process to Agile Project Management for a Fast Business Growth. How to Increase Team Performance with Sprint
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★ Do you know why you should use the Scrum method to maximize the growth of your business? ★Your customers won't stop thanking you for this guidebook! Find out why can't be missed on your shelves.Scrum is one of the various Agile Frameworks mostly used in developing complex projects. Initially, the Scrum framework was most used in software development projects, but now, it can be applied even in innovative projects.Scrum is a control and management process which cuts the challenges and complexities of the project, developing a product capable of meeting the business needs.This book provides a step-by-step guide to the Agile project management process, advocates a modern use of Agile but, also considers how it can be applied as a discipline.Scrum provides multiple systems and strategies with which any change can be leveraged and transformed, enabling the team to grow through effective communication and active collaboration.This book covers the following topics:Agile Project Management and ScrumThe Advantages of ScrumThe Scrum TeamThe Scrum ArtifactsHow a Sprint could make your life easierAnd much more!When you pass from thinking Agile to practice Scrum, you will be ready to overcome any challenge that your team, the market, or your customer will throw at you.★ Buy it now and let your customers benefit from it! ★


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