COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY MADE SIMPLE: Change Your Life with 12 CBT Strategies to Overcome Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Insomnia; Retrain Your Brain
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If you are walking down the road at night, and suddenly the street lamps dimmed down, you would be gripped by anxiety. That's a perfectly normal reaction because your brain wants you to be alert against danger. But what if you experience anxiety on a daily basis? Clearly, you have a mental illness, and your anxiety might give birth to other mental illnesses. Statistics show that about one in six adults in America has battled a form of mental illness, and considering that there are far too many people with mental illness who aren't even aware of their condition, the situation on the ground is obviously worse. When you develop a mental illness like anxiety or depression, your brain starts to manufacture nonexistent flaws, and you become increasingly wary. For the longest time, people have been in the dark about mental illness; and the only remedy available for mental illness had been medication. The frustration with medication necessitated the invention of a treatment method whose results were long-lasting; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy that empowers a person with mental illness to make the connection between their thinking patterns and their actions and behaviors. CBT doesn't seek to mask mental illness symptoms, but rather, it empowers the sufferer to resolve their deep-seated issues that are behind their mental illness, resulting in permanent redemption from their mental illness. CBT equips the patient with real-life skills to help them overcome their negative thinking patterns, increase their self-confidence, and achieve their important life goals. This book delves into the subject of CBT and guides the reader into how CBT treatment helps people overcome their mental illness. CBT has become the most popular treatment method against a variety of mental illnesses not only because of its long-lasting positive results but also because it takes a relatively short time to complete, and also, it's affordable. Some of the important subjects we touch on include:• Mental illness 101• CBT stages, techniques & tools• Common toxic core beliefs• How your thoughts affect your reality• Toxic core beliefs If you are looking for the BEST TREATMENT AGAINST MENTAL ILLNESS or you just want to DEVELOP YOUR KNOWLEDGE on this subject and IMPROVE YOUR EMOTIONAL AWARENESS, This Is Your Book. Now it is your turn to take this book and use it!


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