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Joe Biden: Quotes to Live By is an inspiring and hilarious collection of over 170 quotes from one of America’s most beloved politicians. Homespun, caring and empathetic, Joe is the nation’s uncle, but his sometimes bizarre and baffling remarks can seem misjudged at best and offensive at worst, even when they are the innocent result of his no-filter plainspeak. With his fascinating backstory, from conquering his famous stutter and his humble middle-class upbringing, to becoming the youngest senator elected to Congress at the time, to the deep tragedy of the loss of his young wife and baby daughter, and later his son Beau, to his light-hearted bromance with President Obama, Joe has an unparalleled ability to connect with the ordinary ‘joe’. Despite his tendency for foot-in-the-mouth gaffes, his integrity, moral fortitude and patriotism shine from his words, revealing a dedicated public servant, devoted family man, person of faith and ardent American.You will find his thoughts on success, and his many failures, along with his hopes and dreams for the American people – because it’s always the people whom he serves. Joe Biden has said, “In this world, emotion has become suspect. The accepted style is smooth, antiseptic and passionless”, which is certainly something that could never be said about him.


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