Pele and Hiiaka - by Nathaniel Bright Emerson (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis One of the most pivotal myths of Hawaii, the tales of the deity Pele and her sister Hiiaka form a poetic saga of folklore that is compelling to read. Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes and fire, while Hi'iaka is her youngest sibling. The two possess a rivalry, and their adventures together and separately form the basis of the myths in this book. Much of the story is narrated through poems and songs; the ancient chants and hulas uniquely incorporate the emotional bonds and developments of the plot. The depiction of nature and the elements are evocative; lava flows and water heaves, creating beautiful contrasts and images in the tropical island setting. Nathaniel Bright Emerson was a doctor and author who was born in Waialua on Oahu in 1839. He was educated and spent his early career in the USA, but in 1878 relocated back to Hawaii. He was immensely interested in Hawaiian folklore, spending years researching and compiling the stories passed down in the oral tradition. Late in life he published examples of as-yet unwritten folk tales and legends, before finally turning to Pele and Hiiaka. This edition includes a handful of illustrations, that readers may envisage the lively and supernatural events.



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