In the Secret of His Presence: Helps for the Inner Life When Alone with God George Halley Knight Author
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APART from strictly devotional books, a large proportion of the practical Christian literature of the day concerns itself rather with the outer manifestations of the Christian life than with its inner experiences. The Christian as he moves among men is in view, rather than the Christian as he is alone with God.Books of this class are invaluable helps to Christian living, and can hardly be multiplied too much.But, along with these, there may be some room for books of another class, books dealing specially with the inner soul-experiences which vitalise the life that is seen.This volume is meant to be of such a kind: to set forth in some degree the sacred privilege of secret fellowship with God, and to urge the need of making that intercourse with Him more frequent and more prolonged.If it helps any reader of it to realise more fully the joy to be found in the secret place of meditation and prayer, its purpose will be fulfilled.


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