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Nowadays, internal martial arts have often become products intended for the largest number of people and must, accordingly, be easy to access, promising at the same time health, force, power and sometimes a spiritual dimension within everyone's reach. However, it is a mistake to believe that spiritual dimensions can immediately be offered. Rather, it is to be found inside ourselves.Through Internal Martial Arts, Michel Chiambretto offers us a precious guide, which will give practitioners a proven path to follow. The first part of this guide concerns the martial dimension, providing reference points which, once understood, allow to adjust one's bearings in the quest for a proper approach to the internal arts. Next, the author introduces essential notions, such as the Qi, to serve as tools in the quest. Lastly, the author proposes a set of exercises (standing meditation, guiding the breath in the movement, sticky hands principle) to naturally guide practitioners on the spiritual path.Showing the mistakes to avoid and the important points to remember, Internal Martial Arts will be a real guide, both for martial arts practitioners wishing to discover or deepen the internal side of their practice, and for those interested in the question of energy.Publisher's note for the printed edition: In order to be more enjoyable during reading, this book is in 6 x 9 format. In the same spirit, the paper is cream-colored, which causes less fatigue to the eyes than white paper. All our publications are carefully crafted, both in terms of typography as well as design.Publisher's note for the Nook edition:Our Kindle publications are carefully crafted, with Table of Contents, Index, Footnotes and References when applicable. An strong emphasis has been put on the typography as well as the design.Your comments are welcome at


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