Bash! Vol.1 (Graphic Novel) - by Rudy Gobert (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis BASH -- an intergalactic game of basketball played by superstar athletes from across the cosmos. Young Rudy comes from the poor neighborhood of Nevilia, but dreams of a being a BASH star, and his talent might just make it happen: but can he make it while threats come from every corner of the galaxy? Throughout the universe, there's one sport that everyone's a fan of: BASH! A brutal, high-octane version of basketball: its players are rockstars, legends, gods, and for young Rudy, a poor kid from Nevilia, his only dream is to be one of them. Rudy's got talent, but talent is nothing without practice and so he sets out to be the best BASH player in the galaxy, always training, always reaching for jut one more dunk. And while Rudy is starting to get noticed by the teams and the talent scouts, other, more sinister forces have started to creep out from the shadows, jealous of this rising young star. About the Author Rudy Gobert is a four-time All-NBA team member, three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, and now first-time comic book writer! Standing 7ft 1in, Rudy Gobert is a towering presence in the international basketball community, playing for Utah Jazz and representing the French national team. BASH! is his first graphic novel. Vince Serrano is a concept artist and illustrator from the Philippines, who has worked on projects with Adidas, the Sacramento Kings, the rapper Young Nudy and now, Rudy Gobert!



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