Stephen Hawking : (Scientist Biography, Biography Book for Children) by Isabel Thomas
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Little Guides to Great Lives: Stephen Hawking is a biography of the famous scientist for children that blends an informative and humorous narrative with playful illustrations to immerse children in Hawking's world. Stephen Hawking was one of the world's most renowned scientists and cosmologists. His ground-breaking research into black holes and the Big Bang has helped to explain the beginnings of our universe and his book A Brief History of Time has sold over 10 million copies. Diagnosed with a form of motor neurone disease when he was a young man, Stephen was inspired to achieve his goals as fast as possible. Through incredible determination and skill, he became a legendary scientist, a best-selling author, and the man that changed the way we think about the universe. Stephen Hawking is part of the small format, collectible Little Guides to Great Lives series for children aged 7 and above. The back of the book features colorful illustrations, a timeline of Hawking's life and a glossary filled with scientific terms for further learning and education. A perfect gift for fans of the Little People, Big Dreams books. Praise for Little Guides to Great Lives: "If you're looking to inspire your children to aim high and think big, the Little Guides to Great Lives series is the perfect place to start. The stories that the books convey tell kids that there is no limit to what they can aim for. These biographies will pique the interest of any young child who is already dreaming of their future." - GeekDad "Featuring timelines, glossaries, approachable text and striking illustrations, the biographies bring these important individuals to brilliant life." - Shelf Awareness Other books in the Little Guides to Great Lives series: Amelia Earhart Anne Frank Charles Darwin Ferdinand Magellan Frida Kahlo Leonardo Da Vinci Maya Angelou Nelson Mandela


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