Household Knights of Edward III: Warfare, Politics and Kingship in Fourteenth-Century England Matthew Hefferan Author
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It was common for the kings of medieval England to retain a small number of knights in their personal service, as part of the royal household. These knights provided a core of loyal and talented men on whom each king could rely for military and political support. Household knights were a part of almost all aspects of the reign: they assisted in the raising and equipping of royal armies; they offered leadership for these armies once on campaign; they acted as trusted councillors and administrators at the centre of government; and they maintained the king's authority and landed interests throughout his kingdom.This book - the first full-length study of the household knight in late medieval England - takes as its focus those men serving during the successful reign of Edward III. It asks how and why household knights were retained, who was chosen to serve in such a capacity, what functions these men performed, and what rewards they received in return for their time in service. In doing so, it enables a more detailed picture of Edward III's kingship to be gained, and allows important questions to be answered about the ways in which wars were fought and kingdoms ruled in late medieval Europe.


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