Foreign language - How to use modern technology to effectively learn foreign languages: Special edition - Romanian Andrey Taranov Author
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This book is a compilation of information about modern resources available to foreign language students. The purpose of this book is to help the reader to correctly select instructional materials and organize independent study of a foreign language. This edition contains recommendations for the use of both traditional methods as well as the latest multimedia technologies. The book gives great attention to vocabulary development - how to correctly study, review, and systematize foreign words.This book will help you determine the main goals and exercises associated with mastering a foreign language. These goals are always there. They simply need to be stated, analyzed, and ordered. In general, systemization and order are two of the main factors in mastering anything new, including foreign languages. When you understand what you want to achieve you will find it much easier to choose a path that will lead to success.Topical dictionary section. This book contains an English-Romanian theme-based dictionary with 1,500 frequently used words that will help you develop basic vocabulary. The dictionary's content is organized by topic. The material is presented in three columns: source word, translation, and transcription. Each topic consists of 50 words grouped into small blocks. You can treat this dictionary as a model for creating your own unified word database.We're confident that this book will help you develop your own effective learning system and give you another boost in this useful and fascinating exercise - learning a foreign language


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