Software Ecosystems: Analyzing and Managing Business Networks in the Software Industry Slinger Jansen Editor
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This book describes the state-of-the-art of software ecosystems. It constitutes a fundamental step towards an empirically based, nuanced understanding of the implications for management, governance, and control of software ecosystems.This is the first book of its kind dedicated to this emerging field and offers guidelines on how to analyze software ecosystems; methods for managing and growing; methods on transitioning from a closed software organization to an open one; and instruments for dealing with open source, licensing issues, product management and app stores. It is unique in bringing together industry experiences, academic views and tackling challenges such as the definition of fundamental concepts of software ecosystems, describing those forces that influence its development and lifecycles, and the provision of methods for the governance of software ecosystems.This book is an essential starting point for software industry researchers, product managers, and entrepreneurs.Contributors: T. Aaltonen, T.A. Alspaugh, C. Alves, M. Anvaari, H.U. Asuncion, O. Barbosa, S. Biffl, S. Brinkkemper, M.A. Cusumano, E. den Hartigh, D. Dhungana, R.P. dos Santos, A. Finkelstein, M. Goeminne, I. Groher, I. Hammouda, S. Jansen, A. Jiménez Salas, J. Kabbedijk, M. Kauppinen, T. Kilamo, Y.-R. Li, L. Luinenburg, T. Mens, T. Mikkonen, K.M. Popp, W. Scacchi, E. Schludermann, J. Souer, M. Tol, J. van Angeren, G. van Capelleveen, M. Viljainen, W. Visscher, C. Werner


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