Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes - by Claire Heartsong (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis In this channelled sequel to the international bestseller Anna, Grandmother of Jesus, we journey with Anna, the Holy Family and 18 other Magdalene-Essenes as they travel to France and Britain after Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection. This book gives a completely new perspective on the gnostic Mount Carmel Essene mystery school, in which Jesus and Mary Magdalene took initiations, as well as on the Holy Family and the Magdalene Order. Through Claire Heartsong, Anna tells not only the story of Jesus, but also the story of the women who surrounded him throughout his life. The book reveals the deeper mysteries they have safeguarded for aeons of time, including aspects of Jesus's personal life not recorded in history - his relationships and, most radically, his offspring.In this one-of-a-kind story, Claire shares the information she received from Anna on the 'Seeding of Light' - the dispersion of Anna, Mother Mary and Jesus's enlightened descendants whose 'bloodline' acts as a living catalyst for the awakening of the Christ-Magdalene potential today. Not only does this book give a new view of the Christ drama 2,000 years ago but, more importantly, it offers the potential to lift the suppressed Divine Feminine voice in our time. About the Author Claire Heartsong began receiving telepathic messages about the life of Anna, the grandmother of Jesus, in 1988. Anna appeared to her in meditation and told Claire that she would like to share her story with her. From that day, Claire began recording Anna's messages, which have come to form two books, including the bestseller Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. www.claireheartsong.comCatherine Ann Clemett is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and the author and co-author of numerous books on spirituality. During the writing of Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes, she facilitated numerous past life regressions that drew out the content for the book.



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