Minnow - by Willie Poll (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis A young Indigenous water protector named Minnow goes on an underwater journey, learning from our ocean-living relatives. When she returns to the surface, she gathers her community to help make a change. This story is told in lyrical rhyme and helps children gain a better respect for Indigenous after and land protectors, the environment around them, and helps show children activism at an early age. We all come from Mother Earth, we all learn from her, and we all live from her. Mother Earth has many children, not just humans. These children are all our relatives, including animals. This book focuses on our relationship with our ocean-living relatives and teaches us what we all must do to nurture and protect them. Medicine Wheel Publishing publishes culturally authentic Indigenous books that invite all children, youth and adults to engage and participate in culture with authenticity and respect. In all of Medicine Wheel Publishing books, every word and image has the explicit approval of the Indigenous Storytellers and Elders connected to the story. Through an award-winning relationship-based publishing program, Medicine Wheel Publishing offers a process that is culturally sound and authentic.



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