Retirement Planning for Couples: The Ultimate Financial Guide to a Stress-Free and Happy Aging Phoenix Read Author
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How to plan for your financial retirement with your partner - even if you are starting late?Have you been worried about your finances when you and your partner eventually retire?Maybe you have been thinking about how you would cope when you finally retire?Do you absolutely have no clue how to start, or perhaps you gave up at some point?This book aims to intentionally cover the gap in the market for materials that cover financial planning for couples as against what we have that basically talks about individuals. It further bolsters how couples can minimize costs and maximize their wealth if they work together. With many years of research and unraveling secrets of lifetime income maximization and a passion for family wealth management, Phoenix Read bears you his mind and offered loads of helpful support, tools, and information on how couples can overcome these obstacles. In Retirement Planning for couples, here's a snapshot of what you will get.The best approach for couples and the best time to start talking about financial planning as couples. You will understand if one partner should keep working while the other retires or if both of you should retire at the same time.What you are entitled to, and whether it is worth retiring early or late.Several investment vehicles. Where you can invest and grow your money without the risk of losing them to government policies or drastic market changes. 3 phases of retirement. You will learn how to prepare and what to do at each phase.Various component of your planning and everything you need to know, like life expectancy, social security, and the best time to claim them.Several studies show that the elderly are more likely to lose their money to fraudsters. So, there's a whole chapter that talks about how to avoid losing your hard-earned money to dubious characters.A comprehensive guide on how to manage your health in retirement. It contains topics like health insurance, medical cost, and a lot more.And a whole lot more! Warning!! This is not one of those financial books littered with jargon! Every term used in this book was carefully simplified. The book is easy to understand with all the complex financial terms broken into simple languages for your understanding. If you want to take complete charge of your retirement, then you need to act now! Add the book to your shelf!


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