Alexander Graham Bell - by Brenda Sepe (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis Alexander graham bell invented the telephone during the years of the industrial age in europe and america. It was the day and age for new innovations and new devices that exploded in the field of manufacturing. While many of those instruments were suited for large companies and the wealthy, why not invent devices that everyone could use? This is the story of alexander graham bell, of his telephone and of all the other inventions that sprung from his fruitful mind. Although he worked with the deaf, he never lived in a world of silence, and neither did his hearing-impaired family and friends. Inside you will read about... Childhood Emigration to north america The bell telephone company The race to save the president A rival to the wright brothers Later years and death And much more! Katie booth has been researching this story for more than fifteen years, poring over bell's papers, library of congress archives, and the records of deaf schools around america. But she's also lived with this story for her entire life. Witnessing the damaging impact of bell's legacy on her family would set her on a path that overturned everything she thought she knew about language, power, deafness, and the telephone.



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