Astrology Theologised: The Spiritual Hermeneutics of Astrology and Holy Writ Valentin Weigel Author
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Thank you for checking out this book by Theophania Publishing. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you soon. We have thousands of titles available, and we invite you to search for us by name, contact us via our website, or download our most recent catalogues. Astrology Theologised Valentin Weigel (1553-1588) THE SPIRITUAL HERMENEUTICS of Astrology and Holy Writ A TREATISE UPON THE INFLUENCE OF THE STARS ON MAN AND ON THE ART OF RULING THEM BY THE LAW OF GRACE: Wherein is set forth, what Astrology, and the Light of Nature is. What influence the Stars naturally have on Man, and how the same may be diverted, and avoided. As also That the Outward Man, how eminent soever in all Natural and Political Sciences, is to be denied, and die in us; and, that the Inward Man by the Light of Grace, through profession and practice of a holy life, is to be acknowledged and live in us: Which is the only means to keep the true Sabbath in inward Holiness, and free from outward Pollution. By Valentine Weigelius. SAPIENS DOMINABITUR ASTRIS


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