Profit First for Real Estate Agents - by Damon Yudichak (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis What if you had an easy button for your real estate money? Are you one of the countless agents who gets to the end of the year, looks at an empty bank account and wonders where it all went? What if you had a practical money system that worked, no matter what? It's possible and simpler than you think. Profit First has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses escape the perils of barely getting by and achieve instant profitability. Damon Yudichak has translated the Profit First system to meet the unique needs of real estate agents. They face inconsistent income, ever-increasing expenses and dreaded tax surprises. Overwhelm ensues, and finances become a tangled complicated mess. It's time to simplify and prosper. Profit First for Real Estate Agents is built on two timeless money principles which will give you more than 80% of your money success. When you apply them to your real estate business you put yourself on the path of long-term financial success. If you can calculate a house commission in your head, you have the math skills to master your money. Profit First for Real Estate Agents is the missing link you've been looking for.



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