The Revenue RAMP: How to Jump-Start Your Demand Engine to Accelerate Revenue Lisa Cole Author
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Plagued by leaky sales funnels and relentless pressure for more leads? Worried about being viewed as a credible business driver? Discover a revolutionary approach to accelerated growth so you can rise to the top. Seeking to inspire your team to grab hold of success together? Desperate to drive greater business impact? Looking to bake more marketing accountability into your organization? With over twenty years' experience advising 45+ industry leading B2B organizations, award-winning marketing leader Lisa Cole's methods have sourced more than $500M in revenues. And now she's here to share her precisely structured path to unify Marketing & Sales, prevent wasted leads and energize your troops to unlock your hidden potential and accelerate profitable growth. The Revenue RAMP is a meaningful, proven framework for increasing team efficacy and boosting cash flow. By uncovering gaps in their processes, leaders can determine the most immediately impactful changes to unify Marketing & Sales on on key drivers of growth. And by jumpstarting your stalled demand gen engines without overworking staff, you'll soon be capitalizing on the demand you've already created to guide sustainable growth. In The Revenue RAMP, you'll discover: - Methods for mobilizing your organization to repair broken workflows and secure quick wins - How to deliver high-value leads that your salespeople value and will pursue effectively - Ways to drive alignment on the metrics that matter and establish a clear linkage between marketing investments and revenue - Techniques to flip the focus from quantity to quality and steadily rise to the top as a credible business driver - Real-world client success stories, how to keep the team happy, and much, much more! The Revenue RAMP is a crucial guide to reviewing and restructuring marketing and sales decisions to boost your bottom line. If you like proven expertise, high-efficiency practices, and amplifying return on investment, then you'll love Lisa Cole's strategic powerhouse. Buy The Revenue RAMP to smash those targets today!


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