W.I.S.D.O.M.: Wonderfully Inspiring Stories by a Dominant and Opinionated Mother Elizabeth Glotfelty Author
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W.I.S.D.O.M. tells the story of the perpetually reluctant mother, as she enters her twenties with her own pessimistic views on children and parenthood, only to discover that in the words of Ian Malcolm, life, uh...finds a way. Through bitingly honest humor she navigates through a multifront effort to pursue her own life goals, fight against mommy culture, and, oh yeah, raise a child. Through clever acronyms, W.I.S.D.O.M. guides the reader on a chronological journey to overcome the challenges faced throughout child-rearing. The reader will learn how to prepare for a baby while averting the insidious baby industry and their devious corporate marketers, and champion judgment-free parenting with the metric of, what is easiest for me? Most importantly, this book speaks to mothers striving to retain own goals outside of parenthood by giving career advice such as, A great way to answer the typical interview question, 'What has been a challenge in your life and what did you do to overcome it?' is to begin with 'Before the accident...' and then describe how you overcame those challenges to get where you are today. Just don't mention that 'accident' means pregnancy. In the end, every reader can comfortably rest knowing that, like the author's ancestors, who upon reaching the Midwest over one hundred years ago, decide that sometimes we just have to settle for good enough. 


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