Making Love Work While Leading Your Family Workbook: A Companion Guide for Couples and Individuals Preparing for Marriage PhD Sam L. Hayes Jr. Author
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Making Love Work while Leading Your Family Workbook focuses on helping you overcome your marriage challenges. Dr. Sam (soldier, clergyman, academic, and businessman) and Dr. Drea (teacher, counselor, clergywoman, scholar, and businesswoman) team up as a power couple to unpack their experiences from 20-plus years of marriage.Through their problems, God's answers illuminate marriage lessons and leadership insights. We invite you to explore their journey-the good, the bad, and the ugly-as outlined in the book Making Love Work While Leading Your Family in hopes that you learn from their mistakes while charting your path to success.Dr. Sam and Dr. Drea gladly shared their experiences because they realize that although all marriages are different, we all experience challenges. Not only can you hopefully learn from them and their challenges, but they are excited to hear from you concerning your experiences by providingthem with feedback via blogs, videos, and emails at The journey of marriage is not for the faint of heart, it is for those who are willing and determined to endure until the end.Dr. Sam and Dr. Drea hope that their books not only encourage you but inspire you to be a light to someone else. They are overjoyed to see what the future will hold, and they hope and pray that you continue to the journey with them.


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