ONE AMERICA - Unity Through Kindness: Untold Stories of America's Secret Santa As Told By: The ELFs Author
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You will go on a Magical Sleigh Ride of kindness with America's Secret Santa and his ELFs. Along the way you will receive a Gift that will change your life. Every Christmas an anonymous businessman travels with law enforcement to cities across America giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars to total strangers in need of a helping hand. His stories of kindness have been featured on major news networks and seen by millions throughout the world. You will learn the original source of his inspiration and the true story of America's original Secret Santa, who himself repaid a twenty-dollar gift of kindness by giving away over $1.2 million to others in need before his death.You will walk with Secret Santa and visit flood-ravaged homes, homeless families, violent crime scenes, veterans shelters, and back alleys. You will learn what it's like to hug the loneliest of souls and sit with the truly heartbroken, giving hope to those most in need. In the end, you will learn the secret of happiness and the true purpose of life.


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