Connect: What Everyone Wants, What Few of Us Find ... and the Kicker Is That It's Right There in Front of You Mark Ebinger Author
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Connection.More than social status, more than the latest car, the swankest house, the most prestigious career, or the most “likes” on social media, deep down what we all really want is to connect fully and authentically with the other people in our lives. Trouble is, most of us have spent a lifetime cultivating habits and behaviors that keep us disconnected from others, and even from ourselves.Enter Connect—and just in time. This book offers a road map to reconnection at a time when loneliness in our culture is at an all-time high. Here is the antidote, a step-by-step guide to a more satisfying and meaningful life. Author Mark Ebinger shares personal stories of his own journey to reconnection and shines a light on the truths about human nature that make isolation and disconnection all too easy. And each chapter includes practical exercises you can do to set you on your own path to greater connection, and to keep you on it.Do you crave deeper connection in your life? Connect will show you the way.


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