Shackles: DRUG ADDICTION AND RECOVERY Ronnie Baker Author
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People in our society have to be proactive with their approach toward preventing drug abuse and addiction. We need to make people aware of the harmful effects and tragedies associated with drug abuse before people begin to experiment with drugs. Without knowledge of the dangers and addiction associated with illicit drugs, people are more willing to try drugs for the first time. This first-time experience usually leads to that person becoming a casual user. It is extremely difficult to convince casual users that they have a problem. So they have a tendency to continue to use drugs, thinking that casual use of illicit drugs is okay. They seem to think that as long as they maintain their lifestyle in a normal fashion, everything is all right and the beat goes on. One day the casual drug user will certainly change for the worst. They will start to consume more and more of the drug until a habit is eventually formed, thus becoming addicted, and the rest is history.


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