Digital Stone Age: How the World's Most Successful Advertisers Use Traditional Thinking and Innovation to Drive Growth Bill Durrant Author
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New Mid-COVID 2nd Edition for 2021! Marketers often suffer from the misconception that to create effective advertising they must either become a modern, fully digital marketer, or double down on traditional marketing channels from the past. But is this type of black and white thinking really what drives extraordinary brand growth?In a smart, easy to read guide, Bill Durrant proves that to create the most effective advertising in the 20's, the secret is balance. We are living in a rare inflection point in how media and advertising are consumed: The Digital Stone Age.In this new, COVID-era edition of Digital Stone Age, you will:• Learn why right now is a golden age in advertising effectiveness• Uncover the Six Stories modern marketers tell themselves, and the truth behind them that the world's smartest advertisers know• Find the motivation behind many 100% traditional and 100% digital advertisers, and why both are leaving money on the table• Create an argument for advertising that even the most marketing-averse board can get behind• Become the confident voice your brand needs to cut through the marketing hype and focus on advertising that works


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