Discovering Ivory in a Charcoal Cave: A Poetic Journey to Beat Depression Carver Pike Author
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This isn't the typical Carver Pike horror. In fact, it's not horror at all. This isn't only a story, and it's not a book of poems. It's a whimsical journey through an imaginative world, told in poetic form. It's one man's quest to beat depression.Suffering the loss of his wife, Ben visits her grave to beg God to reunite him with his suicidal spouse in death. A mysterious mime named Mingle has other plans and leads Ben out of the black and white, depressed world he knows. Soon they're flying down a fantastical path of vivid colors, strange lands, and quirky situations. Each chapter teaches Ben a lesson needed to fully understand the mindset of his wife, Ivory, and what it takes to beat his own depression before it buries him in a charcoal cave.Having dealt with depression himself, this is horror and dark fantasy author Carver Pike's journey to beat depression. It may never go away, but with enough awareness and some shared tools, this depression demon might just stay hidden a little longer.


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