Zeke's Guide to Travel and Life: Mexico Stories From the Road and All You Need to Know to Embark on Your Own Adventure Travels Charles Bowden Author
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C. Bowden has traveled extensively in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, North America, North Africa, Europe, and Australia over the past fifty years. In the course of which it was his duty, as biographer, to keep an eye on his careless friend Zeke, who otherwise might have hurt himself. Since their astonishing adventures together, he has written numerous books-one of the most intrepid and insightful travel writers of our time. In this book of travel reportage, with graphic honesty and engaging humor, he describes several trips taken, outwardly and inwardly, through Mexico. Also, highlights from their stays in the U.S. West between expeditions.This is the first book of its kind. Essentially, it's a travel narrative full of places, incidents, and people. Plus, the places visited are rated as to their beauty or novelty, as in some travel guidebooks. Plus, a number of topics that came into Zeke's thoughts in response to places and peoples are briefly explored. Plus, reference numbers access an appendix of Zeke's travel problems with their solutions, which grew out of the incidents, rotten or otherwise, herein depicted. Practical advice backed up with personal anecdotes against lushly landscaped backgrounds. Travel tips which go beyond any others made widely available to shoestring travelers.An exceptional travel book in every way, it tells of a journey mostly on foot or using local transport. A journey fueled by unabated curiosity, anda need to see, hear and feel, close up and firsthand. It features direct experience undimmed by expectations or old assumptions. This uniquebook is itself a fascinating realm in which the adventurous are invited to travel.


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