The Adventures of Captain Cutie Pie and Deputy Boo: Book 2: Everyone is Afraid of Something Denise Cole Author
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In book 2 of the Adventures of Captain Cutie Pie and Deputy Boo series, a new animal, an ostrich, moves into Marshall Township. Excited to have a new neighbor, Bubba and Boo decide to gather their neighborhood friends for a welcome party.Eddie, the neighborhood prankster, states that he has heard that ostriches stick their heads in the sand when they’re scared. Rather than join the welcome party, Eddie devises a mischievous plan to scare the ostrich and see he does. The discussion around what ostriches do when they’re scared acts as a springboard for all the neighborhood friends to discuss things that scare them and how they handle their fears. Our hope is the playful and entertaining mood of the story will open dialogue for children to discuss their own fears with their caregivers.


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