Become Loaded for Life: : Financial Independence, Retiring Early, Maximizing Happiness Nate Carter Author
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The traditional plan of study hard and get a good job, on its own, will not make you wealthy or successful. This strategy has led to living paycheck to paycheck, low savings rates, massive student loan debt and forced job layoffs. The rules have changed and you need a better plan combined with the right mindset to Become Loaded for Life! This is Your Step-By-Step Guide to Become Loaded for Life:- How Nate turned $1,500 and a $24,000 annual salary into financial freedom- How to write your plan to create lasting wealth and financial independence- How to escape from money related stress and maximize your happiness- How to cut expenses, increase savings, and live below your means- How to stop trading your time for money and create multiple income streams- How to create a durable exit strategy from your day job to retire early- How to succeed and prosper in the next major recession- How to overcome rising health care costs, higher taxes and cuts in public retirement benefitsAbout the author: Nate Carter's experience ranges from starting small businesses and co-founding a real estate company to investing in early stage startups and crowdfunded ventures. He is a former Peace Corps Volunteer (Morocco) and U.S. Foreign Service Officer (diplomat). He has lived and worked overseas for nearly 20 years, traveling to more than 70 countries. He holds a Masters' degree in political science and a law degree. He and his family enjoy hiking and outdoor activities. He can be found at


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