A LOVE DESTINY: Mary's Unusual Love Story That Transcended Time and Space Sue Liu Maisano Author
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In this love fiction inspired by a true story, a Hollywood actress’ encounter with an unexpected love with a much younger man changed fate to both of them… Can we know that love spans time? Can we know where love comes from? It’s not for us to judge to whom and where this happens—it’s only for us to accept and embrace love. Born in Texas and raised in Hollywood, Mary Maddin grew up with a fearless attitude. She carved her own fame in Hollywood at an early age by being a film extra in the 1930s. Mary had it all: money, fame, possessions, men, you name it she had it. Yet she felt an emptiness deep inside. She had been seeking love all her life, and finally lost hope in romance after her twenty-year loveless marriage failed. At 67, Mary got a chance to film a movie in China, and she found herself falling in love with a Chinese military man named WuJian, who’s 38 years younger than her. Mary brought WuJian to  Hollywood, and began a secret life. She was happy but also conflicted. Did WuJian really love her? Was he after her money? Was he after her Hollywood connections? Mary must decide where this relationship goes and how to face the world that judges harshly. Will this relationship last? How will it end? Only DESTINY will tell…


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