Fall of the Ancient Gods: Rise of the Ancient Gods, Book 6 Craig Robertson Author
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It's all coming to a head. Against ever increasing odds, Jon Ryan and his crew must do what no one has ever done before. Either Jon, along with our entire universe, or the Cleinoid gods, will end. The odds began as bad for our heroes, and have only gotten progressively worse. They could use a break-a big one, and soon. Fate intervenes to link together improbable allies. The most powerful antigod, Verazz, comes to work with Jon. But, is even that firepower enough to stop the wicked ancient gods? And, just as it looks like the day is won for Team Ryan, the Cleinoid monsters receive a life-saving gift-renewed power. That may just tip the balance in their favor, and spell the end of times for us.Does Jon have one miracle left, up his sleeve? Is it even possible to defeat a horde of ravaging gods? Well, we're about to find out.


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