Why Your Resume Isn't Working: And How You Can Fix It NOW Wendy D. Steele Author
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You’ve been writing your own resume and landing job opportunities for years. In fact, your most recent resume was the result of your current job. Today, you can’t secure one interview. Or, maybe you’re someone who has no problems getting interviews with your existing resume, however they mostly result in low paying job offers. What’s the problem? Your peers and colleagues receive great job offers and you know you’re more experienced than they are. You even got advice from a hiring manager. So again, what’s the problem?Maybe you have never needed a resume. It’s not rocket science to create one right? So why is it so complicated? What do employers really want?Why Your Résumé Isn’t Working and How You Can Fix It NOW answers these questions and more. Loaded with resume samples as well. Whether you’re in need of an entry-level, college graduate, experienced professional or senior executive resume, you still need to sell yourself to a recruiter and show them that you’re the best fit for the position.Wendy Steele shows you just about every possible scenario there is based on nearly 20 years of experience and success with her company BluePrint Resumes & Consulting. Learn how to stand out from the rest, or what to look for when hiring a professional to write your resume for you.This book is for anyone who isn’t up to date on today’s trends, or if you’re still not getting the results you seek.Stay out of the slush pile and get more quality interviews!BluePrint Resumes & Consulting, is based in Atlanta, GA. With multiple locations throughout the U.S. and clients globally, it is among the top professional resume writing and career consulting firms in the nation.For more information visit: blueprintresumes.com or wendydsteele.com


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