Say This, Not That: How to Master 7 Dreaded Conversations As a Leader in the Modern Workplace Chris Flickinger Author
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What’s the best way to deliver bad news? How do you lead someone if you don’t particularly like or get along with them? What do you say to someone who has asked for a raise they haven’t earned? How do you motivate someone who seems to have lost their mojo? What should you say to get a person to understand that their behavior isn’t acceptable? And most importantly, how do you do all this without demotivating the people you have been tasked to lead?As a leader in the modern workplace, you’re going to face some difficult, awkward, and emotionally charged conversations with your employees. This book will give you all the tools you need to go further, faster, and be more effective with these conversations.Using this proven behavioral science, you can:Achieve an uncanny ability to quickly read and adapt to people with unparalleled precision.Easily anticipate and connect to others’ interests, needs, challenges, and expectations.Inspire productivity and a positive culture.Drive greater performance, growth, and results.


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