Christmas Stories From the Crones Castle Patsy Stanley Author
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Inside an old abandoned shoe box factory on the outer rim of a great metropolis, lies the magic Kingdom of True Believers in Imagination. Each Christmas, the Box Keepers, Crones, the Others, the elves, trolls and the many who live in the kingdom, gather in the great hall in the Crones' castle to celebrate Christmas and to listen to the year's new Christmas stories. This year, there are six new stories and an adventure leading the Crones, Box Keepers and the Others on a merry chase to Folgoth Woods to retrieve a rare Christmas gift. In The Small and Rancid Wizard who Knew Odor was in the Nose of the Smeller, a small wizard endures a hot time in a forgotten desert with noisy company.In The Crabby, Baffling, Hermit Boy and the Arcane Alchemist's Box, a boy receives an unusual companion for a Christmas gift. A gorgeous blue magic box arrives just in time in The Tolling Midnight Bells that Chimed Christmas. In The Rose Paper Magic Box with Warm, Red Courage, a lost legacy is found and reclaimed. A vagabond band of brave little beings make a long and perilous journey to find a new home in The Smile so Snug in an Old Magic Box.In The Box and the Beautiful Green Bottle, a lifelong love filled with ancient magic is celebrated.Text and Illustrations by the author Patsy Stanley with A.B. Snow (Avis Barrett Snow) The authors wish to announce that the stories in this book will soon be available in script form for fun play and theatrical formats. About the AuthorPatsy Stanley is an artist, illustrator and writer. She has authored both fiction and non-fiction books, including novels and children's books, energy books and art books. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area. A.B. Snow is a world traveler interested in ancestral magic among other things. She carries a sketch book with her at all times to capture that magic and the wonderful words that go with it.


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