The Poker Club: Julian's Private Scrapbook Book 2 Eldot Author
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The Poker Club is the second in the five book Scrapbook series. It continues to explore the world from the eyes of a young gay boy. His needs and desires are looked at honestly, with a sense of humor and without the baggage of present day prejudice.Julian’s challenge: how to get people to take him seriously and stop treating him like a little kid—especially those people he loves, honors, and respects.Surrounded by hundreds of scouts, all working to get ahead, Julian finds a way.Summer camp has its own rules, both official and otherwise. This one is packed with activity—lots of it unofficial. This second book in Julian’s Private Scrapbook branches out: we see what the big kids are up to as well as the newbies. That’s one reason why Julian sees more than he is supposed to. The secondary story of Tom and Nick is center stage.There is a lot of comedy and some very interesting new characters. Julian’s story becomes part of a special weave; the world of Camp Walker in June, 1962 is colorful, textured, and complex—but above all, it is full of fun and surprises.


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