Making The Big Move - 3rd Edition: How To Transform Relocation Into A Creative Life Transition Cathy Goodwin Ph.D. Author
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Why most people find moving stressful (and you don't have to) Most relocation guides tell you how to pack a box. But the most expensive part of a move isn't the moving van. It's what happens when you realize you've made a mistake and decide to move back. At the time you most need to make critical decisions, you're usually cut off from familiar friends, family and resources. Mistakes can be costly in both money and emotion. This book helps you avoid these mistakes from the moment you first consider a move, to the moment you watch your possessions disappear into a moving van, to the first six months and one year after you move. You'll discover why you need special consideration when you're moving as a corporate executive, a family member, or a single person. You'll even find tips to move overseas. Making The Big Move includes exercises that to help you along each stage of the process. You'll gain new insights from the Witness Protection exercise, the Energy Map, the Fire Drill, the Anthropologist exercise, the Emotional First Aid Kit, and many more. The author of Making The Big Move, Cathy Goodwin, has lived all over North America, including Alaska and Canada. She's made dozens of moves - some more adventurous than others. She's also studied the psychology of moving and listened to stories of people who made all kinds of moves. You'll benefit from her research and experience as you make your own move. What you'll discover from reading this book • how moving disrupts the 3 components of your identity • research-based insights about making new friends and becoming part of a new community (and how to avoid the most common, potentially fatal mistakes) • how the most common myths about moving can create unnecessary frustration and stress • little-known questions to ask before you settle on a destination • how to avoid feeling overwhelmed when you're looking for a place to live (especially if everything seems unbearable or unavailable) • how to create a support system when your old friends aren't there and you haven't made new ones yet • what psychologists say about moving as a loss (and how to manage grief when most people won't understand what you're experiencing) • what to do when you realize you've made a big mistake • what to expect after you've moved (and how to make the most of your first year) • and much, much more This book fills a need. You'll find support for bereavement, divorce and many kinds of life disruptions, but little advice on the dealing with the psychological aspects of moving. Most books on moving will help you pack a box. This book shows you how to pack your life. A reader of a previous edition wrote, I kept this book with me during my move. I read a little each night as we were on the road. That's what this book offers: a companion to take with you, an ongoing source of support, as you embark on what hopefully will be a memorable, joyful journey. Why go alone?


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