Tainted Times 2: Novel two in the Angeline Porter Trilogy Valerie J Brooks Author
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Former criminal defense attorney Angeline Porter has killed two leaders of an extortionist mob in self-defense, and the new leaders want her money and her dead. How long will she have to hide out in the hot, humid hills of Kauai where she drinks too much, and her best friend is a rescue dog? She's tired. Tired of not being able to use her skills and lawyer's mind. Tired of not being able to fight for justice. Her life wrecked because of her dead sister Sophie's foolish love affair and betrayal. Ang wants her life back. She once had a sister and a husband, now both dead. She fought to bring the mob to justice, but that almost got her killed. Even though she's alone now, she dreams of returning to Oregon and using her legal skills for a worthy cause, being that tough, kick-ass woman she used to be.When Sophie's former lover, Gerard, an undercover FBI agent, wants to use Ang as bait to squash the extortionist ring, he ropes her in by telling her something startling about her family--she has a sister she never knew about. She rushes back to the mainland and flies to New Hampshire to meet this sister. But Gerard warned her--this sister has connections to the same mob that's after Ang. Will the secrets and lies she learns about her family throw her off her game? Will blood win out or get her killed?Number two in the Angeline Porter trilogy, Tainted Times 2 is a chilling, suspenseful page-turner about greed, family, lies, loyalty, love, and the limits of justice.


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