Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Seaside Shenanigans - Audiobook, by Chris Monroe
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Inspiration for the Netflix series Chico Bon Bon!Clark has an enormous problem. Someone is sabotaging his uncles seaside resort! What does he do? He calls Chico Bon Bon, the Monkey with a Tool Belt, of course.Chico and his tool belt start to tackle Clarks problems, but as soon as Chico fixes one thing, something else breaks! If Chico cant find out whos behind these shenanigans, hell never get to go surfing!Also by Chris Monroe:Monroes watercolor-and-ink illustrations enlarge Chicos adventure a real treat for observant readers.School Library Journal for Monkey with a Tool BeltMonroes imaginative illustrations play with composition as well as perspective, offering detail-minded readers endless surprises. The goofball text unfolds with tongue firmly in cheek A winner.Kirkus Reviews for Monkey with a Tool Belt and the Noisy ProblemRocky and Blossoms wide googly eyes exude mischievousness.[T]he ending hints that some habits (especially bad ones) die hard. Luckily, the same isnt true of Rocky and Blossom. starred, Publishers Weekly for Sneaky Sheep



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