Scrap Racism!!!: The Church's Response to Racism Rev. Dr. Francis Tabla Author
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My book is about the racial tension in America, that is a hot topic on multiplicity of news networks, and has escalated to ignominious proportions that threatens the civility of the nation, and has increased fear, trepidation, and uncertainty in all Americans (whites, blacks, Hispanics, Jewish, Latinos, etc.). The book captures evidence of racism in the American society that manifests itself in many spheres of American life, including church, banking, court, education, justice, medical, police, work places, etc., just to name a few. With the book providing substantial and tangible evidence of racism in America, the book goes on to also establish the reality that all white Americans are not necessarily racists. There are some white Americans who are racists, and there are those who are not. The book describes some of the sad effects racism has on America nationally and internationally. The book goes on to discuss the pivotal role the church in America has to play in resolving the racial divide, and gives a compelling and very intriguing alliterated marching orders on how the church should go about her role. The most noteworthy part of this book is that the discourse is being herald through the lenses of one who is an outsider (African immigrant) and an insider (an African immigrant who has lived in America for over two decades).


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