Memoirs of A Child in Poole Mary Louisa Fisher Author
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It was a beautiful sunny day walking along the quayside at the stunning Poole Harbour. I stopped to take a break and while sitting on a bench I engaged in an insightful conversation with an older woman of Poole whom was born in Market Street. During our conversation, simply spoken to me were her words:- They are making our Poole a concrete jungle.These words resonated with me and made me open my eyes to taking a good look around. As a sub-sequence, I became overwhelmed with the memories of my childhood as I walked those streets of Poole. I began reminiscing about the wonderful times, some good and some bad.It became very clear to me of how Poole has changed so dramatically today. I wanted to share my memories; my thoughts and feelings; my experiences; and to document, not only my opinion of Poole now, but for historical reasons too, regarding that period of my life, which means so very much to me. This book is short stories, an insight, on what life was like as a child growing up in Poole during and after the Second World War for the period of 1940 - 1950.


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