God Loves You The Way You Are: My Late-in-Life Discoveries About God's Love Thomas J Mason Author
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What Kind of Book Is This?This is the kind of book that tells youThat God loves you.That God made only one of you.That God gave you life to have a life.That it is up to you to take responsibility for your life.This is the kind of book that tells youThat God loves you, and you are worthy of love.That you are worthy to love and be loved.That you can love yourself and care for yourself,your body, your thoughts and ideas,your creations and possessions.This is the kind of book that tells youThat you can extend that love outward from yourself,through all of God's Creation, all the way to God, and you can feel that love resonate through all Creation.May your life be filled with love and joy.Table of ContentsWhat Kind of Book Is This?1The Restart of My Life3The Near Death Experience5God's Love7What Can You Do For God?9Listening to God11Connecting to God13Some Spiritual Notes17Created or Creator?21Choose Life23Be Positive About Life27Advice for a Happy Life29About The Author33


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