Autism Intervention: The Very Basics:: What every parent and policy maker should know. 2nd edition CR Petersen M.Ed. Author
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Written for anyone with an interest. More information on Evidence Based Practice can be found at: (Parent Autism Resources - Many Free or Less Expensive, but very Effective for most) The purpose of this booklet is NOT to teach anyone how to use any of these interventions. Intervention should be provided by someone with the appropriate degree and certified in an evidence-based practice. The purpose it to teach you some of the things to look for in an interventionist using a primarily behavioral intervention. This book will not go into any depth with developmental intervention; however, many children make remarkable progress for a much lower cost with some developmental interventions. While we can continue to learn as we age, there is a larger window of opportunity for younger children. Connections are made in the brain at a more rapid rate during the early years than at any other time. Early intervention, as early as possible, is beneficial, even crucial.


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