Wiccan: 2 Manuscripts - Practical Guide For All Kinds Of Spells, Step By Step Guide Guide To The Magical Moon Margaret Marjorie Author
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This Book Includes 2 Manuscripts Book One: Practical Guide For All Kinds Of Spells This guide helps to tutor one about the kinds of spells and their uses. It also gives an overview on how magic works practically. Practice makes perfect. Begin study/reading. Take notes, re-read, research. Start forming and following questions. Begin a regular meditation regime. Begin working/experimenting with energy. Start practicing spells. Find your Witchcraft niche (herbal magic, candle magic, crystal magic, etc.). Learn to adapt spells and write your own. Keep reading and practicing- it never stops Mrs Margaret Marjorie will give you:an outline of what you want to achieve.keep strategizing and gives an avenue for a change.avenue to practise what you've lent so far. Book Two: Step By Step Guide To The Magical Moon RitualsThanks to Mrs Margaret Marjorie you will learn:you know the routines involved in carrying out moon magic.She gets you interested in moon magic. Overview of how powerful the moon can be when its power is being. Order your Copy Now


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