Turning the Tables on Love: A Love in N.Y.C. Akira Gant Author
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Welcome to New York, the land of opportunity, the home of many broadways, and home of the city that never sleeps. While known for some of the greatest things in history, not everyone thinks of the state for those amazing things. Life in New York is rough for anyone on the ride of an illegal come up or quick hustle. It didn't matter if you were from Brooklyn Heights or Bed-Stuy, the streets were filled with grimy thugs lookin for their next lick. Females are also on the prowl looking for a way to make an easy dollar or to find the nearest hustler to sweep them off of their feet. Even if they weren't in love, finessing a high roller would be a dream come true. Seventeen year old Nicole Wright was looking for love in all the right places, but couldn't seem to find that, because of what everyone saw her as. Being bullied, teased, and known as the less fortunate girl from Spanish Harlem, Nicole couldn't find the light at the end ofthe tunnel until she met Adonis Heading. A well-known defense attorney in New York City. Representing some of the biggest athletes, celebrities, and even hustlers in the court of law, Adonis made a name for himself throughout the years, but not in the eyes of Nicole. That also changed wen Adonis swept Nicole off of her feet making her realize the love she deserved. Adonis became the air that Nicole breathed, the man of her dreams, and the beginning to her happy ending. He was the love of her life and nothing could keep them apart in their eyes. Nothing except his rival in the justice system who knew his dirty little secret of dating an underage girl. Still holding onto their love throughout his bid in prison, Nicole refused to let the only man she loved be ripped from her life and heart. Once Adonis is feed, but also damaged as an attorney, he has to turn to the ruggish streets of New York City to make a decent living. Even if it isn't the lavish lifestyle that him and Nicole lived before. Once one of the finest and most creditable attorneys of the east coast is now on the other side of the law, can Adonis handle the pressure of what the world labels him as now? When dirty money is his new motive, will he see that the street life isn't what he thought it would be? Will Nicole stay down for the new come up, or will she leave before everything crumbles? In Turning the Tables on Love, you'll see what that really means. Are you ready?


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