21 Days to Master Your Time, Business, and Relationships: Creating the Habit of Success in Your Personal and Professional Life Dino Jeremy Watt Author
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As business owners, besides yourself, the two most important assets you have are your time and your relationships. The art and skill of mastering both should be a central focus for every serious entrepreneur who wants to take their business to the next level. When you truly become a master of your time, hone your business skills and strengthen the relationships around you, creating more peace in your life, harmony in your business and profit in your business, will be an automatic result. As an entrepreneur, this is not new data to you. You get it. Yet, if you are like many, you struggle with actually making these areas of your life a priority. - You spend your days trying to chase the clock and letting the calendar control you. - You complain about the lack of time necessary to, get it all done. - You stress out over the dwindling connection between you and your spouse or children. - You exhaust yourself feeling like you are the only one who understands or cares enough about your business. - You get frustrated with the fact that you are working more as a business operator than you are a business owner. For years, I did the same thing. Until one day I sat on my bed as my wife of 20 years told me, if I did not figure it out, she was done. That is when I started on a new journey. I found 21 systems to create, mindsets to adopt and actions to take that changed everything for me. I want to share with anyone who is ready to discover more peace, productivity and profit in their life. Honestly, I never seem to find anyone who doesn't feel they could use a little more of all three. Did I master them in 21 days? No! Neither will you. Because old habits die hard and like me, you will fall back into them. This book is not a one and done read. It's a primer for you to reference often. Created small enough for you to carry around with you and reference as often as possible. As you do, you will gain more and more of what you want in your life and get rid of all that is not serving you.


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